about me

What you might want to know

Highly Experienced

I've been described by colleagues as an energetic, proactive and creative fullstack developer with 4+ years of experience building solutions to solve problems in tech startups.


Above a lot of things, i take my personal development very seriously and I am ready to pick up any tool or stack as long as the product I intend to work on requires it.

Excellent Technical Writer

I write about various topics relating to software development for a variety of platforms e.g. Logrocket, Soshace, Hasura and more

Organized Problem Solver

I have strong project management skills with two (2) years of experience working in Agile development environments

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fun facts about me

fun fact

I started coding over 5 years ago

fun fact

I Speak over 4 Languages

fun fact

I prefer tabs over spaces :)

fun fact

In 2019, I reached a 170 JavaScript IQ score (Pluralsight)